How to Get Noticed as a Modern Artist

How to Get Noticed as a Modern Artist

You put a lot of your own time, effort and energy into creating your art pieces and every artist wants the whole world to take notice or even a small amount of people. This is easy once you are an established artist, but it will require more time and effort when you are just starting up and beginning in your journey in the industry.

Here are the top tips on how to get your work noticed:

Start getting active on your social media

People spend so much time now on their phones and digital devices. The most time is usually spent on social media. People use it to engage with friends but to also follow companies that they are interested in and to get the latest updates. The most popular social media platforms are Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.


Try setting up a professional account and use the images of your artwork and post to the social media platforms often an ensure you engage with followers and always answer their comments and questions. Utilising these social media platforms will ensure that your life’s work reaches as wide of an audience as it can.

Build your own website

Yes, it can be hard to get noticed and to find the perfect platform to sell your artwork. Having a website means it is an easy way for people to find out more about you and the artwork that you do have for show or sale. Ensure your website can handle all different devices and can display the website well. Have a contact form on your website that is easy to get to so people can get in contact with you. Allow your customers different payment options like PayPal that gives them more reassurance. Having your own website is very much like having a digital resume or portfolio, take pride in it and it can go a long way. If you are selling your art online, you will need to invest in various forms of art crates for shipping.

Building a website is hard and if you feel like it may be a skill that might just be out of reach, there is always the option of paying someone else to do it. However, if you feel like furthering your own set of skills and putting some work into something, consider enrolling into an introduction to computers course. These courses can be found through companies that offer vocational training for already employed people seeking to develop themselves. Building your own website or learning a bit more about technology/computers will make sure that you are remaining modern as an artist in the current year.

Join an online art platform

You can help yourself to get noticed by joining an online art platform. This is where you can sign up most times for free and it gives artists the chance to showcase their artwork to the world and be found by art collectors. Most times once you have uploaded your artwork you have already created your legacy as the artist within the virtual world. Your artwork becomes searchable and archived and you can upload background information, ownership and historical sales. You can set-up royalty payments for your artwork which means you can keep earning money each time your artwork is resold on the platform. You are paid in cryptocurrency which you can exchange for real currency.

Enter art competitions


Competitions may not appeal to everyone, but it can be a way to get noticed by a larger audience. Your artwork is then on show for everyone to see and if you are entered as a finalist you will gain even more exposure for your artwork. People are not only wanting to buy the artwork that wins but there may be something about your work that they love and may end up contacting you. Sometimes these art competitions can give you a certain level of confidence as seeing your own art in an exhibition showcase can be very inspiring.

Family and friends

Don’t forget about family and friends as sometimes they can be your biggest exposure, this is called word-of-mouth-marketing. Give some artwork samples or business cards to family and friends where they can stick them to the work community board for others to see. They may also know of people searching for a particular type of artwork that matches your style or they may have artist contacts that can really help you.

There are so many ways to get noticed you just need to think outside the box and go and find the ways to do this instead of waiting for them to find you. Use your creativity and don’t be afraid to speak up and find your audience. Any artist can get noticed if they remain knowledgeable of modern times and aren’t scared of changing their ways or adapting to new forms of art.

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